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[gaming] Sims 3: Rainbow Legacy 1.2 I Can Read Your Mind

Intro: Previously on the Rainbow Legacy we met our founder, Red Rainbow, a ridiculous, somewhat stereotypical vampire. (The theme of this legacy makes me laugh every time I think about it. I know, I know, I am easily entertained.) She ran around the gorgeous Moonlight Falls in all her red finery, making enemies of half the people she met, and flirting with the other half. So far, no spouse or potential heirs, but Red has her dream career and has made some romantic progress with Helen Hall. After a zombie attack gone awry, we return to Red Rainbow, Ridiculous Vampire.

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[monthly review] June 2015

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High: There is no high. It was a terrible writing month.

Low: Everything.


High: Really enjoyed SILENCE by Michelle Sagara (review later this week), and am getting ready to start WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND by Robin Talley.

Low: None, mostly because I didn’t do a lot of reading in June.


High: Really loved Shawn Michaels on Talk is Jericho.

Low: I don’t really have a low. Not enough time to listen, I guess?


High: I’ve not been watching; episodes are piling up on my Hulu queue.

Low: Continues to be true: I still feel incredibly disconnected with and uninterested in most of the WWE storylines right now. This is why I’ve stopped watching, I guess. I’ll catch up eventually.


High: J and I went to see Jurassic World at the over 21 theater with the bar, which was a delight. One of my law school bffs came down to visit, and then we had a surprise road trip to St. Louis to meet up with two other law school bffs for a whirlwind mini reunion. I went to my first cardmaking class with a friend who does it every month, and had a great time. I need to make more art.

Low: Nothing. I had so much fun.

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[watching] Werewolf Wednesday: Wolfblood 01×02 “Mysterious Developments” recap

Rhydian and Shannon have a moment in the woods.

Rhydian and Shannon have a moment in the woods.

Show: Wolfblood
Source: online streaming
Show summary: Fourteen year old Maddy Smith has a secret: she and her family are all wolfbloods – people that transform into wolves. Her ancestors have lived in the town Stoneybridge for centuries, disguising their heightened ability of hearing and smell from the rest of the world and living as normal humans. But with a new wolfblood in the Smiths’ territory, and Maddy’s best friend suddenly obsessed with the thought that there is a beast out on the moors, the quiet little town Stoneybridge isn’t so quiet anymore.

Episode: Season 1, episode 2 “Mysterious Developments”
Episode summary: Determined to find proof of wolfbloods, Tom and Shannon go on a best hunt, just as Rhydian and Maddy learn there are wolfbloods who roam wild.


Roll Call!

Maddy Smith (Aimee Kelly): Our introduction to this world, and a delightful, tough, smart wolf girl.
Tom Okinawe (Kedar Williams-Stirling): One of Maddy’s BFFs, photographer, footballer, and all around delight.
Shannon Kelly (Louisa Connolly-Burnham): Maddy’s other BFF, photographer, obsessed with finding the thing howling on the moors and leaving pawprints, and, again, all around delight.
Rhydian Morris (Bobby Lockwood): Decidedly not Welsh new kid in town who is our titular lone wolf.

Emma Smith (Angela Lonsdale): Maddy’s mother, overprotective, cheesy funny.
Daniel Smith (Marcus Garvey): Maddy’s father, friendly and fun, very punny.
The Three Ks: Kay (Shorelle Hepkin), Kara (Rachel Teate), and Katrina (Gabrielle Green) are the requisite popular (usually mean) girls.
Jimi Chen (Jonathan Raggett): Footballer, popular boy, jackass. Jimi runs around with two other friends whose names I never hear. They mostly echo Jimi, so not really important anyway.

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[writing] Project List, September 2014

Current active projects include:

UK Horror Series

(This series cowritten with Sarah.)

1: Talking Dead
Young adult supernatural adventure. Ghosts, vampires, killers, oh my. Status: Second draft complete and with early readers. Polishing submission package to query agents later this autumn.

2: Monsters & Magic
Young adult supernatural adventures. Flirtatious werewolves and incorporeal monsters. Status: Second draft outlined and in progress. Also retitled, because music is no longer an applicable word.

3: Supernatural Slumber Party
Young adult supernatural adventures. It’s a slumber party of supernaturals, see? Status: First draft complete. Editing.

4: Wicked Witches
Young adult supernatural adventures. Witches, dude. Always with the witches. Status: First draft complete. Editing.

5: The Monster Mash
Young adult supernatural adventures. The world goes BOOM. Status: First draft complete. Editing.

Stand Alones

Love in the Time of Percussion
New adult romance. Marching bands, rock bands, and snarky flirtations. Status: Outline in progress.

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