Supernatural adventures for girls and women.


It’s all werewolves, the talking dead, and motorcycles around here.

Six Word Biography:

Feminist Writer-Lawyer-Biker. Use caution.

More Information:

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English, with an emphasis in writing and a minor in small press publishing, from Southeast Missouri State University, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. I write poetry, prose, reviews, essays, and newspaper columns. I update my current project list approximately the middle of each month. I mostly write with my bff Sarah, though I do still have a few solo projects.

I swear and frequently have gender rage, sexuality rage, and race rage. I analyze the presentation of characters of color, fat women, and bisexual, homosexual, and straight female characters in media.

Things I Like:

+ Really cold drinks. I like lots and lots of ice in my drinks, particularly tea and water.

+ The wrestling. I love the stories they tell (even when the stories piss me off), the athleticism, the sheer over-the-top ridiculousness. And, yes, I am a big fan of people hitting each other, so that’s a major, major plus. (My “Fave Five” are: the Usos, Paul Heyman, CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Kharma, the Bellas, Natty, Kane — oh god, I have to stop now before I list the entire roster, even though I don’t actually like the entire roster.)

+ My beloved dog, a beagle/Australian cattle dog mix who is ridiculous and adorable and loves all humans and hates all dogs.

+ Motorcycles and trikes. I have a Honda Shadow, my dad builds trikes, and I love the created families that come from bonding over bikes and trikes and riding.

+ Werewolves, full moons, and the Pacific Northwest, all which go together well.

+ Technology. I’m a tech lawyer by day, and I use technology for writing, to keep in contact with family and friends, to relax, to create — I love technology. (I am particularly fond of Skype and Google Drive at this time, because it allows Sarah and me to work on our writing together so easily.)

+ Sarah’s cats doing “Satan face” and trying to steal Sarah’s computer chair. I’m not a cat person, but Sarah’s cats are bringing me around.

Things I don’t like:

+ When I say I love the wrestling and people say “You know it’s fake, right?” Most media we consume is fiction and therefore fake, you know that, right?

+ Cold weather and snow.

+ Spiders. Death to all spiders.

+ The bullshit hypocrisy of the Be a Star campaign coupled with Triple H and Stephanie bullying everyone left, right, and center on Raw and Smackdown this past year. (Great presentation of evil The Man characters, though.)